How to update a graphql entry?

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How to update a graphql entry?

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To update a GraphQL entry, you will need to perform a mutation operation. Here is a general outline of how you can update a GraphQL entry:

  1. Write a GraphQL mutation that specifies the fields you want to update and the new values for those fields.

For example, your mutation might look something like this:

mutation {
  updateEntry(id: "123", input: { field1: "new value", field2: "new value" }) {

In this example, updateEntry is the mutation that updates the entry with the specified id and sets the new values for field1 and field2.

  1. Send the mutation to the GraphQL server using a client library or tool, such as Apollo Client or GraphQL-request.
  2. The server will process the mutation, update the entry with the new values, and return the updated entry as a response.
  3. Handle the response in your client application and update the UI or perform any other necessary actions based on the updated entry.

Keep in mind that the exact syntax and steps may vary depending on the GraphQL server you are using and the specific schema and mutations defined in your GraphQL API. Make sure to refer to the documentation of your GraphQL server for more specific instructions on how to update entries.