How to turn off mongodb server?

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How to turn off mongodb server?

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by darrion.kuhn , 3 months ago


To turn off a MongoDB server, you can use the mongod command with the --shutdown option. This will gracefully shut down the MongoDB server process.

Here is the general syntax for shutting down a MongoDB server:

mongod --shutdown

This command should be run from the command line or terminal. You may need to run it with superuser privileges, depending on how the MongoDB server was installed and configured.

Alternatively, you can use the kill command to stop the MongoDB server process. For example:

kill <mongodb_process_id>

You can find the process ID of the MongoDB server by using the ps or top command.

Keep in mind that shutting down the MongoDB server will interrupt any client connections and stop all database operations. It is generally recommended to shut down the server gracefully using the --shutdown option, rather than using the kill command, to avoid data corruption or other issues.