How to test exception handler with phpspec?

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How to test exception handler with phpspec?

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by darion , 8 months ago


To test an exception handler with phpspec, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install phpspec (if not already installed) by running composer require phpspec/phpspec --dev in your project directory.
  2. Create a new specification class for your exception handler by running vendor/bin/phpspec describe
  3. Open the generated specification file (located in the spec directory) and update the class namespace and autoloading. Make sure it matches your exception handler class.
  4. Define a method to describe the behavior of your exception handler by adding a new method to the specification class. function it_should_handle_exception() { // Test code here }
  5. Within the it_should_handle_exception method, add the phpspec expectation for throwing an exception. function it_should_handle_exception() { $this->shouldThrow(YourExceptionClass::class)->during('methodName', [$arguments]); } Replace YourExceptionClass with the fully qualified name of the exception class you expect to be thrown. methodName is the method you want to test, and $arguments are the arguments that will be passed to that method.
  6. Run the phpspec command to run the specifications: vendor/bin/phpspec run You should see the results of your exception handler test. If the expected exception is thrown, the test will pass.
  7. Update your exception handler code to handle the exception appropriately based on the test results.

Repeat these steps for any other exceptions you want to test with your exception handler.