How to store unicode characters in oracle?


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How to store unicode characters in oracle?

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by haylee.mertz , 20 days ago


In Oracle, Unicode character data can be stored using the NVARCHAR2 data type.

To store Unicode characters in Oracle, you can use the NVARCHAR2 data type which supports Unicode character data. You can create a table with columns defined as NVARCHAR2 to store Unicode data. For example, you can create a table like this:

CREATE TABLE unicode_test (
    id NUMBER,
    text NVARCHAR2(100)

You can then insert Unicode data into the table using INSERT statements. Make sure to enclose the Unicode data in single quotes and prefix it with the uppercase letter 'N' to indicate that it is Unicode data. For example:

INSERT INTO unicode_test VALUES (1, N'Привет, мир!');

You can retrieve and display Unicode data from the table using SELECT statements. For example:

SELECT text FROM unicode_test;

By using the NVARCHAR2 data type, you can store and retrieve Unicode characters in Oracle databases.