How to select previous column value in mysql?

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How to select previous column value in mysql?

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by samara , 4 months ago


To select the previous column value in MySQL, you can use the LAG() function. The LAG() function allows you to access the value of a column from the previous row within the same result set.

Here's an example query that demonstrates how to select the previous column value:

SELECT column_name, LAG(column_name) OVER (ORDER BY column_name) AS previous_value
FROM table_name;

In this query, replace column_name with the name of the column for which you want to select the previous value, and table_name with the name of the table containing the column.

The LAG() function requires an ORDER BY clause to specify the order in which the rows are evaluated. You can use a primary key or any other column in the ORDER BY clause based on your requirement.

The selected result will include the column value itself and the previous value in different columns.