How to run .php file on windows hosting server?


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How to run .php file on windows hosting server?

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To run a .php file on a Windows hosting server, you need to make sure that the server supports PHP and has a web server such as IIS installed. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to run a .php file on a Windows hosting server:

  1. Upload the .php file to your hosting server using an FTP client or the file manager provided by your hosting provider.
  2. Make sure the file has the .php extension and contains valid PHP code.
  3. Access your hosting server's control panel or use an FTP client to navigate to the directory where the .php file is located.
  4. Open a web browser and enter the URL of the .php file in the address bar. The URL will typically be in the format
  5. The PHP code in the file should be executed by the server, and you should see the output of the code displayed in the web browser.

If the PHP file does not run or you encounter any errors, check that PHP is enabled on your server and that your web server is properly configured to serve PHP files. You may need to contact your hosting provider for assistance in setting up and running PHP files on your Windows hosting server.