How to resolve nested input types on graphql mutation?


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How to resolve nested input types on graphql mutation?

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by hal.littel , a month ago


When dealing with nested input types on a GraphQL mutation, you can follow these steps to resolve them:

  1. Define your input types: Start by defining the input types for each nested object in your mutation. This will help to structure the data that you want to pass into your mutation.
  2. Create a resolver function: Write a resolver function that corresponds to your mutation. This function should accept the input types as arguments and perform any necessary operations to handle the nested data.
  3. Resolve nested objects: Within your resolver function, you can access the nested input types and extract the necessary data from them. You can then perform any required logic or data manipulation before executing the mutation.
  4. Execute the mutation: Once you have processed the nested input types, you can execute the mutation with the resolved data. This will update the data in your GraphQL server according to the specified input.

By following these steps, you can effectively handle nested input types on GraphQL mutations and ensure that your data is properly structured and processed.