How to resolve merge conflicts in Git?

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How to resolve merge conflicts in Git?

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by rollin , 8 months ago


To resolve merge conflicts in Git, follow these steps:

  1. First, identify which files have conflicts. Git will indicate these files when you attempt to merge branches and conflicts arise.
  2. Open the conflicting file(s) in a text editor and look for conflict markers which indicate the areas that need to be resolved. These markers typically look like "<<<<<<< HEAD", "=======", and ">>>>>>> branch_name".
  3. Edit the conflicting code manually, keeping the desired changes and removing the markers and unwanted code. Decide how you want the final version to look like.
  4. Save the changes to the files and stage them using the "git add" command.
  5. Once all conflicts have been resolved and files are staged, use the "git commit" command to finalize the merge commit message. Git will automatically include information about the merged branches.
  6. Finally, push the changes to the remote repository using the "git push" command.

If you encounter conflicts while rebasing, you can use similar steps to resolve them. After resolving conflicts, use "git rebase --continue" to continue the rebase process.

Remember to perform a thorough review and testing of the resolved conflicts before pushing the changes to ensure they do not introduce any issues.