How to request data from database in laravel?


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How to request data from database in laravel?

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To request data from a database in Laravel, you can use Eloquent, Laravel's built-in ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) tool. Eloquent allows you to interact with your database using PHP syntax instead of writing SQL queries directly.

Here is an example of how you can request data from a database using Eloquent in Laravel:

  1. Define a model: First, you need to create a model that maps to the database table you want to query. You can create a model using the php artisan make:model command in the terminal:
php artisan make:model User

This will create a User.php file in the app directory with the necessary boilerplate code for the model.

  1. Use the model to query the database: Once you have created a model, you can use it to query the database. For example, to retrieve all users from the users table, you can use the following code in your controller:
use AppModelsUser;

$users = User::all();

This code uses the all() method provided by Eloquent to retrieve all rows from the users table. You can also use other query methods like find(), where(), first(), etc., to retrieve specific data from the database.

  1. Use the retrieved data: Once you have retrieved the data from the database, you can use it in your application as needed. For example, you can pass the data to a view for display:
return view('users.index', ['users' => $users]);

This will pass the $users data to the users.index view, where you can loop through the data and display it on the page.

By following these steps, you can request data from a database in Laravel using Eloquent.