How to remove numbers using twig in octobercms?


by aubrey , in category: PHP CMS , 3 months ago

How to remove numbers using twig in octobercms?

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by deron , 3 months ago


To remove numbers using Twig in OctoberCMS, you can use the replace filter function. Here is an example of how you can achieve this:

  1. Open your .htm file in your theme folder.
  2. Inside the file, use the following Twig code to remove numbers from a string:
{% set string = 'Your string with numbers 123 and more.' %}
{% set result = string|replace('/d+/', '') %}

{{ result }}

In this example, the replace filter function is used to replace any sequence of one or more digits (d+) with an empty string (''). As a result, all numbers in the string will be removed.

  1. Save the file and preview your page. The output should be the original string without any numbers.