How to remove default styles in storybook?


by dedrick , in category: Javascript , 22 days ago

How to remove default styles in storybook?

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by raven_corwin , 21 days ago


To remove default styles in Storybook, you can use the following steps:

  1. Check if your Storybook project has a .storybook/preview-head.html file. This file is used to add global styles to your Storybook stories.
  2. If the file exists, open it and look for any or
  3. If the .storybook/preview-head.html file does not exist, you can create it in the .storybook directory of your project. Add any custom styles you want to apply to your stories in this file and remove any default styles.
  4. You can also remove default styles by targeting specific elements in your stories with CSS and applying custom styles to override the defaults. You can do this by adding custom CSS to your stories using the style property in your Storybook stories.

By following these steps, you can remove default styles in Storybook and customize the appearance of your stories to suit your needs.