How to properly access a scope in laravel?

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How to properly access a scope in laravel?

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by dalton_moen , 17 days ago


In Laravel, you can access the scope of a model using the scope method. Scopes allow you to define query constraints that can be applied to a model at a global level. Here's how you can properly access a scope in Laravel:

  1. Define a scope in your model by adding a method that starts with the keyword scope followed by the name of the scope. For example, let's say you want to create a scope that retrieves all active users. You can define the scope in your User model like this:
public function scopeActive($query)
    return $query->where('is_active', true);

  1. To access the scope, you can chain the scope method directly on the model query builder. For example, to retrieve all active users, you can do the following:
$activeUsers = User::active()->get();

In this example, the active scope is applied to the User model, which filters the users based on the is_active column value being true.

By properly defining and accessing scopes in Laravel, you can easily reuse query constraints across your application, making your code more organized and maintainable.