How to pass user defined variables to mysql command?

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How to pass user defined variables to mysql command?

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by arnoldo.moen , 7 months ago


To pass user-defined variables to a MySQL command, you can use the SET statement to assign a value to a variable before executing the command. Here's an example:

  1. Set a variable: SET @myVariable = 'myValue';
  2. Use the variable in a MySQL command: SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE column = @myVariable;

In this example, we assign the value 'myValue' to the variable @myVariable using the SET statement. Then, we use the variable in the WHERE clause of the SELECT statement to filter the results.

You can also pass variables directly as command-line arguments using the --bind option when executing the mysql command. For example:

mysql --bind myVariable='myValue' -e "SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE column = ?myVariable"

Here, we pass the value 'myValue' directly as a command-line argument using the --bind option, and then reference it as ?myVariable in the SQL command.