How to merge a file with "request" in laravel?

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How to merge a file with "request" in laravel?

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by filiberto , 25 days ago


To merge a file with "request" in Laravel, you can use the "file" method provided by the Request class. Here is an example of how you can merge a file with a request:

  1. In your controller method, define the request object as a parameter:
use IlluminateHttpRequest;

  1. Inside the controller method, use the "file" method to merge the file with the request:
public function uploadFile(Request $request)
    $file = $request->file('file');

In this example, the "file" method on the request object is used to retrieve the uploaded file with the name 'file'. You can then handle the uploaded file as needed in your controller method.

Remember to add proper validation for the uploaded file before handling it further in your application.