How to make webpack ignore library dependencies?


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How to make webpack ignore library dependencies?

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by lew , 15 days ago


To make webpack ignore certain library dependencies, you can exclude them from the bundling process using the externals configuration option in your webpack configuration file.

Here's an example of how you can specify library dependencies to be ignored by webpack:

  1. Open your webpack configuration file (usually named webpack.config.js).
  2. Add an externals property to your webpack configuration object:
module.exports = {
  // other webpack configuration options
  externals: {
    // Specify the library dependencies that you want webpack to ignore
    // The key is the library name, and the value is how it should be accessed in the code
    'library-name': 'libraryName',
    // Add more dependencies here if needed

  1. Replace 'library-name' with the name of the library dependency that you want to ignore, and 'libraryName' with how the library should be accessed in the code. You can specify multiple library dependencies by adding more key-value pairs to the externals object.
  2. Save the changes to the webpack configuration file.

When you run webpack, it will exclude the specified library dependencies from the bundle and expect them to be available in the global scope (e.g., loaded via a <script> tag in the HTML file).

Keep in mind that excluding library dependencies may impact the functionality of your application, so make sure that the required libraries are available in the global scope when excluding them from webpack bundling.