How to make a triangle shape with tailwind?


by jerad , in category: HTML & CSS , 15 days ago

How to make a triangle shape with tailwind?

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by tressie.damore , 14 days ago


To create a triangle shape using Tailwind CSS, you can use the following code:

<div class="w-0 h-0 border-r-4 border-solid border-transparent border-b-8 border-purple-700"></div>

In this code snippet, we are using Tailwind utility classes to create a triangle shape. The w-0 and h-0 classes set the width and height of the element to 0, making it invisible. The border-r-4 and border-b-8 classes add borders to the right and bottom sides of the element, creating a triangle shape. The border-solid class specifies that the borders should be solid, and the border-transparent class sets the border color to transparent. Finally, the border-purple-700 class gives the borders a purple color.

You can adjust the width, height, border thickness, color, and other properties by modifying the classes in the code snippet to customize the triangle shape to your liking.