How to make a query from a query in laravel?


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How to make a query from a query in laravel?

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by cali_green , 21 days ago


In Laravel, you can make a query from a query by using the DB facade and the raw method. Here's an example:

$query1 = DB::table('users')->select('id', 'name')->where('active', 1);

$query2 = DB::table(DB::raw("({$query1->toSql()}) as temp_table"))
            ->select('id', 'name')
            ->where('id', '>', 5)

In the example above, query1 is the first query that selects id and name from the users table where active is 1.

To make a query from query1, we use the raw method to wrap query1 in a subquery, creating a temporary table. We then use the mergeBindings method to merge the bindings from query1 into query2. Finally, we can continue building the query by selecting id and name from the temporary table and adding additional conditions.

By using this technique, you can create more complex queries and reuse parts of existing queries in Laravel.