How to handle sql query in foreach loop in codeigniter?

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How to handle sql query in foreach loop in codeigniter?

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by ryan.murray , 5 months ago


To handle SQL queries in a foreach loop in CodeIgniter, you can follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to load the database library in CodeIgniter by adding the following line to the constructor or autoload.php file: $this->load->database();
  2. Next, write the SQL query and execute it using the query() method of the database library. The query() method returns a result object, which you can loop through using a foreach loop. $query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM your_table"); $result = $query->result();
  3. Now, you can iterate through the result using a foreach loop and perform operations for each row. foreach ($result as $row) { // Access the values of each row using the object properties or array indexes $id = $row->id; $name = $row->name; // Perform operations on each row // ... }
  4. You can also handle the case where you have no results returned from the query by checking the count of the result and then performing the necessary actions. if (count($result) == 0) { // Handle the case where no results are returned } else { foreach ($result as $row) { // Loop through the results } }

By following these steps, you can handle a SQL query within a foreach loop in CodeIgniter and perform operations on each row returned by the query.