How to get the list of pm2 in laravel?

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How to get the list of pm2 in laravel?

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by filiberto , 8 days ago


To get a list of all PM2 processes in Laravel, you can use the following command in your terminal:

pm2 list

This command will display a list of all the PM2 processes currently running on your server. It will include details such as the process ID, name, status, CPU and memory usage, and uptime.

You can also use a more specific command to filter the list of processes based on their name or other criteria. For example, if you want to see only the processes with a specific name, you can use:

pm2 list | grep "process_name"

Replace "process_name" with the name of the process you want to filter by. This will display only the processes that match the specified criteria.

Additionally, you can use the PM2 API to programmatically retrieve the list of processes in your Laravel application. You can make a request to the PM2 API endpoint to get the list of processes as JSON data, which you can then parse and use in your application.