How to get the count() from subquery in laravel?

by mallory_cormier , in category: PHP Frameworks , 9 days ago

How to get the count() from subquery in laravel?

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by aniya.jaskolski , 8 days ago


To get the count from a subquery in Laravel, you can use the selectRaw() method to create a subquery and then use the addSelect() method to select the count from that subquery. Here is an example:

$count = DB::table(DB::raw('(SELECT COUNT(*) FROM your_table) as count'))->value('count');

In this example, your_table is the name of the table you want to get the count from. The DB::raw() method is used to create a subquery that gets the count from your_table. Then the value() method is used to retrieve the count from the subquery.

Alternatively, you can also use a subquery with the selectSub() method like this:

$count = DB::table('your_table')
               ->selectSub(function($query) {
               }, 'count')

This method is more readable as it helps to encapsulate the subquery within the selectSub() method.

Either method should give you the count from the subquery in Laravel.