How to get only a subset of data using graphql?


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How to get only a subset of data using graphql?

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by rollin , 25 days ago


To get only a subset of data using GraphQL, you can use queries to specify the exact fields that you want to retrieve. By including only the fields you need in your query, you can avoid fetching unnecessary data and reduce the size of the response.

For example, if you have a GraphQL schema with a "user" type that includes fields like "id", "name", and "email", you can write a query like this to only retrieve the "id" and "name" fields:

query {
  user {

This query will only return the "id" and "name" fields for each user, excluding the "email" field. This can help reduce the amount of data transferred over the network and improve the performance of your application.

In addition to specifying the fields you want to retrieve, you can also use query arguments to filter the data based on specific criteria. For example, you can use arguments to only retrieve users with a certain name or email address.

Overall, by carefully crafting your queries and only including the fields and data that you need, you can efficiently retrieve a subset of data using GraphQL.