How to get all pull requests using bitbucket api?

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How to get all pull requests using bitbucket api?

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by lindsey.homenick , 9 days ago


To get all pull requests using the Bitbucket API, you can use the following endpoint:

GET /repositories/{workspace}/{repo_slug}/pullrequests

Replace {workspace} with the workspace or account name, and {repo_slug} with the repository slug.

You can also filter the pull requests based on the following parameters:

  1. State: You can specify the state of the pull requests (e.g. OPEN, MERGED, DECLINED)
  2. Sort: You can sort the pull requests by the specified field (e.g. created_on, updated_on)
  3. Direction: You can specify the sort direction (e.g. ASC or DESC)
  4. Start: You can specify the start index of the pull requests to retrieve
  5. Limit: You can specify the maximum number of pull requests to retrieve

Here is an example of how you can make a request to get all pull requests for a specific repository:

curl -X GET{workspace}/{repo_slug}/pullrequests

You can also specify any additional parameters by adding them to the URL, for example:

curl -X GET{workspace}/{repo_slug}/pullrequests?state=OPEN&sort=created_on&direction=DESC&start=0&limit=10

This will fetch the first 10 open pull requests in the specified repository, sorted by the creation date in descending order.

Please note that you will need to authenticate and have the necessary permissions to access the pull requests via the Bitbucket API.