How to fix "page not found" in laravel production?

by haylee.mertz , in category: PHP Frameworks , 24 days ago

How to fix "page not found" in laravel production?

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by aubrey , 23 days ago


If you are getting a "page not found" error in a Laravel production environment, here are a few steps you can take to try to fix the issue:

  1. Check your routes: Make sure that the routes in your application are properly defined and pointing to the correct controllers and methods.
  2. Clear the route cache: Run the command php artisan route:cache to clear the route cache. This will clear any cached routes and rebuild the cache, which can sometimes fix routing issues.
  3. Check your .htaccess file: If you are using Apache, make sure that your .htaccess file is correctly configured to handle routing for your Laravel application. You can try to regenerate the .htaccess file by running php artisan route:clear.
  4. Check your server configuration: If you are using Nginx or another web server, make sure that the server configuration is correctly set up to handle routing for your Laravel application. Check for any typos or misconfigurations in the server configuration file.
  5. Check file permissions: Ensure that the storage directory and its subdirectories have the correct permissions set so that Laravel can write to these directories.
  6. Check for any recent changes: If the "page not found" error started occurring after making changes to your application, try to revert those changes to see if it resolves the issue.
  7. Restart your web server: Sometimes, simply restarting your web server can resolve routing issues in a production environment.

If none of these steps fix the "page not found" error, you may want to check your server logs for more details on the error and troubleshoot further based on the specific error messages.