How to find column as exception cause in oracle?


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How to find column as exception cause in oracle?

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by elisha_langworth , 3 months ago


To find the column that is causing an exception in Oracle, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check the error message: When an exception occurs, Oracle typically provides an error message that includes information about the cause of the exception. This error message may contain the name of the column that is causing the issue.
  2. Examine the error code: Each Oracle error has a unique error code associated with it. You can use this error code to look up more information about the exception in Oracle documentation or online resources. The error code may also provide insights into the column causing the exception.
  3. Check the database logs: If the error message does not directly specify the column causing the exception, you can check the Oracle database logs for additional information. The database logs may contain more detailed error messages that can help identify the problematic column.
  4. Use a debugger: If you have access to a debugger or profiling tool, you can use it to track the execution flow of your SQL queries and pinpoint the column that is causing the exception. By stepping through the code, you can identify the exact point where the exception occurs and determine the problematic column.

By following these steps and analyzing the error message, error code, database logs, and using debugging tools, you should be able to identify the column causing the exception in Oracle.