How to execute stored procedure in laravel?


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How to execute stored procedure in laravel?

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by adan , 6 months ago


To execute a stored procedure in Laravel, you can use the DB facade and call the select method.

Here is an example of how to execute a stored procedure named get_users that returns a set of users:

use IlluminateSupportFacadesDB;

$users = DB::select('CALL get_users()');

In this example, the DB::select method is used to execute the stored procedure. The stored procedure is called by using the CALL statement followed by the name of the stored procedure.

If the stored procedure requires parameters, you can pass them as an array in the second argument of the select method:

$users = DB::select('CALL get_users(?, ?)', [$param1, $param2]);

Replace $param1 and $param2 with the actual parameter values.

Note that the above examples assume you have correctly set up your database connection in the Laravel configuration file (config/database.php). If you haven't, you need to configure your database connection first.