How to delete a record in octobercms?

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How to delete a record in octobercms?

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by kadin , 6 months ago


To delete a record in OctoberCMS, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your OctoberCMS project and navigate to the model associated with the record you want to delete. The models are typically located in the models or pluginname/models directory.
  2. Find the delete method in the model file. This method is automatically generated when you create a new model.
  3. Inside the delete method, you will see a line similar to $this->delete();. This line is responsible for deleting the record associated with the model.
  4. To delete a specific record, you need to find a way to call the delete method on that record. You can do this by finding the record using the model's query methods (e.g., find, where, etc.).
  5. Once you have found the record you want to delete, you can call the delete method on it. Here's an example of deleting a record with a specific ID:
$record = MyModel::find($id); // Replace MyModel with your actual model name

  1. After calling the delete method, the record will be deleted from the database.

Remember to handle any necessary validation or authorization checks before deleting a record to ensure the process is secure and appropriate.