How to defined variable in state in vuex?

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How to defined variable in state in vuex?

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by darrion.kuhn , 8 months ago


In Vuex, you define variables in the state by creating a state object and assigning variables to it. Here's an example of how to define a variable in the state in Vuex:

  1. Create a new file store.js and import Vuex:
import Vuex from 'vuex'

  1. Create a new Vuex instance by calling the createStore method and pass an object with a state property:
const store = new Vuex.Store({
  state: {
    variableName: initialValue

Replace variableName with the name you want for your variable and initialValue with the initial value you want to assign to it.

  1. Export the created store:
export default store

After defining the variables in the state, you can access and modify them using mutations, actions, and getters.