How to create thumbnail in laravel?


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How to create thumbnail in laravel?

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To create a thumbnail in Laravel, you can use the intervention image library which provides an easy way to manipulate images in PHP. Follow these steps to create a thumbnail in Laravel using the intervention image library:

  1. Install the intervention image library by running the following composer command: composer require intervention/image
  2. After installing the library, you need to add the service provider in your Laravel config file. Open config/app.php and add the following line in the providers array: InterventionImageImageServiceProvider::class
  3. Also, add the facade to the alias array in the same config file: 'Image' => InterventionImageFacadesImage::class
  4. Next, you can create a controller method to handle the image manipulation. Here's an example controller method that creates a thumbnail: use InterventionImageFacadesImage; public function createThumbnail($imagePath, $thumbnailPath) { $image = Image::make($imagePath); $image->resize(100, 100); $image->save($thumbnailPath); }
  5. Call the createThumbnail method passing the original image path and the path where you want to save the thumbnail: $originalImagePath = public_path('images/original.jpg'); $thumbnailPath = public_path('images/thumbnail.jpg'); $this->createThumbnail($originalImagePath, $thumbnailPath);
  6. Make sure you have the necessary write permissions to save the thumbnail image to the specified path.

By following these steps, you should be able to create a thumbnail image in Laravel using the intervention image library.