How to create download page with countdown in wordpress?

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How to create download page with countdown in wordpress?

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by brandy , 4 months ago


To create a download page with a countdown in WordPress, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Install and activate a countdown timer plugin. Some popular options include T(-) Countdown, Countdown Timer Ultimate, and Countdown Timer.
  2. Create a new page in WordPress where you want to display the download link and countdown timer. You can do this by going to Pages > Add New in the WordPress admin dashboard.
  3. Add your content to the page, including the text and button for downloading the file. You can also add any additional information you want to include on the download page.
  4. Insert the countdown timer shortcode provided by the plugin into the content area of the page. This will display the countdown timer on the page.
  5. Set the countdown timer to expire when you want the user to be able to download the file. You can customize the countdown timer settings in the plugin settings or within the shortcode itself.
  6. Add the download link to the button or text on the page. You can either upload the file to your WordPress media library and link to it directly, or host the file on a file-sharing service and link to it from there.
  7. Save and publish the page. Users will now be able to see the download link and countdown timer on the page, and the file will become available for download once the countdown timer expires.

That's it - you have successfully created a download page with a countdown in WordPress. Users can now access the download link after the countdown timer reaches zero.