How to create and apply Git patches?

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How to create and apply Git patches?

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To create and apply Git patches, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Patch: a. Make sure your local repository is up to date by pulling the latest changes: git pull. b. Make the changes you want to create a patch for. c. Stage the changes using: git add
  2. Apply a Patch: a. Make sure you have a clean working tree by committing or stashing any current changes. b. Place the patch file in the root of your repository or any subdirectory. c. Apply the patch using: git apply ******.patch (replace ****** with the actual patch file name). d. If the patch applies cleanly, it will be automatically applied. If there are conflicts, Git will stop and leave the conflicts in your working directory. You can then manually resolve the conflicts, and once resolved, execute git add

Note: Using git am is an alternative way to apply patches and it also handles email patches. If you have the patch in the email format, save it as a file and run git am <patch-file> to apply it.

That's it! You have successfully created and applied Git patches.