How to create a table in React.js?

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How to create a table in React.js?

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To create a table in React.js, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new React component for the table. You can do this by creating a new JavaScript file and importing the necessary React modules. import React from 'react'; function Table() { return ; } export default Table;
  2. Inside the component's render method, define the table structure using HTML markup. Use the table, thead, tbody, and tr elements to create the structure of the table. function Table() { return ( {/* Add more rows here */} ); }
  3. You can use JavaScript arrays to dynamically populate the table. Map over the array to create multiple rows with different data. function Table() { const data = [ { id: 1, col1: 'Data 1', col2: 'Data 2', col3: 'Data 3' }, // Add more data objects here ]; return ( { => ( ))} ); }
  4. Finally, export the Table component. export default Table;

You can now use the table component in other React components by importing and including it in their render methods.