How to create a directory in laravel?


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How to create a directory in laravel?

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To create a directory in Laravel, you can use the Storage facade provided by Laravel. The Storage facade provides a simple way to interact with the filesystem in Laravel.

Here's how you can create a directory using the Storage facade:

  1. Import the Storage facade at the top of your file:
use IlluminateSupportFacadesStorage;

  1. Use the makeDirectory method provided by the Storage facade to create a new directory:

Replace 'path/to/new/directory' with the path where you want to create the new directory. Laravel will create the directory for you if it does not already exist.

You can also pass a second argument to the makeDirectory method to specify the visibility of the directory (e.g., 'public' for public visibility). Here's an example:

Storage::makeDirectory('path/to/new/directory', 0777, true);

This will create a public directory with read, write, and execute permissions for everyone.