How to create a custom error view in codeigniter?

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How to create a custom error view in codeigniter?

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by cortez.connelly , 5 months ago


To create a custom error view in CodeIgniter, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an errors folder inside your application folder: application/ - errors/
  2. Inside the errors folder, create a PHP file for the custom error view, for example error_custom.php. This file will contain the HTML markup for your custom error page.
  3. Open your application/config/routes.php file and add the following line inside the routes array to override the default error handling: $route['404_override'] = 'errors/error_custom';
  4. In your Error controller inside your application/controllers folder, you need to create a method named error_custom which will be responsible for loading the custom error view. Add the following code to this method: public function error_custom() { $this->load->view('errors/error_custom'); }
  5. You can now customize the error_custom.php file according to your needs. You can use HTML, CSS, and any framework you prefer, to create a visually appealing error page.

Note: CodeIgniter provides Base4xx.php and Base5xx.php classes to handle different types of errors. You may extend these classes to handle specific HTTP error codes and load different views for each error type if needed.

  1. If you want to display a custom error page for a specific HTTP error code, you can create a custom method in the Error controller and configure it accordingly in the routes.php file. For example, to create a custom page for error code 403 (Forbidden), add the following code to the Error controller: public function error_403() { $this->load->view('errors/error_403'); } And in the routes.php file, add the following line: $route['403_override'] = 'errors/error_403';

Remember to always test your custom error pages to make sure they work as expected.