How to convert partial dates in oracle sql?


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How to convert partial dates in oracle sql?

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by ryan.murray , 21 days ago


To convert partial dates in Oracle SQL, you can use the TO_DATE function with a custom format mask.

For example, if you have a partial date like '01/2020' which represents January 2020, you can convert it to a full date like '01-JAN-2020' using the following SQL query:

SELECT TO_DATE('01/2020', 'MM/YYYY') FROM dual;

This will convert the partial date '01/2020' into a full date '01-JAN-2020'.

You can adjust the format mask ('MM/YYYY') based on the format of your partial date.

You can also combine multiple partial date columns to create a full date in SQL. For example, if you have separate columns for month and year, you can combine them like this:

SELECT TO_DATE(month_column || '/' || year_column, 'MM/YYYY') FROM your_table;

This will concatenate the month and year columns and convert them into a full date.

Keep in mind that if you have partial dates with missing day or time components, you will need to decide on a default value or handle those cases accordingly in your SQL query.