How to convert a jquery object into a d3 object?


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How to convert a jquery object into a d3 object?

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by jerad , 19 days ago


To convert a jQuery object into a D3 object, you can use the .node() method provided by jQuery. This method returns the underlying DOM node wrapped by the jQuery object. Since D3 operates directly on the DOM, you can pass this DOM node to D3 methods for further manipulation.

Here's an example:

// Assuming you have a jQuery object
var jQueryObject = $('.some-element');

// Convert jQuery object to D3 object
var d3Object =;

// Now you can use the resulting d3Object for further D3 operations'color', 'red');
d3Object.attr('class', 'highlight');

In the example above, jQueryObject is a jQuery object selected using the $('.some-element') selector. Then, by calling jQueryObject.node(), the underlying DOM node is retrieved. Finally, the resulting DOM node is passed to to create a D3 object d3Object, which can be used with various D3 methods.

Note that using D3 alongside jQuery is not necessary in most cases, as D3 provides a comprehensive set of methods for manipulating the DOM. However, if you have existing jQuery code and want to integrate D3 functionality with it, converting between the two can be useful.