How to configure phpunit in xampp?


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How to configure phpunit in xampp?

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To configure PHPUnit in XAMPP, follow these steps:

  1. Install PHPUnit via Composer by running the following command:
composer require --dev phpunit/phpunit

  1. Create a phpunit.xml configuration file in your project directory. You can run the following command to generate a default configuration file:
./vendor/bin/phpunit --generate-configuration

  1. Open the phpunit.xml file and update the configuration according to your needs. You can specify the directories where your tests and source code are located, the bootstrap file, and any other settings you want to customize.
  2. Set the path to the PHPUnit executable in your system PATH environment variable so that you can run PHPUnit from the command line.
  3. Run your tests by navigating to your project directory in the command line and executing the following command:

  1. If you want to run PHPUnit from the XAMPP control panel, you can create a batch file that calls the PHPUnit executable. Create a new text file with a .bat extension and add the following command inside:
@echo off
php path/to/phpunit %*

Replace "path/to/phpunit" with the path to the PHPUnit executable. Save the file in the XAMPP directory.

  1. Add the batch file to the XAMPP control panel by opening the control panel, clicking on the Config button, and adding the path to the batch file in the "Program" field.

Now you have configured PHPUnit in XAMPP and you can run your tests from the command line or the XAMPP control panel.