How to compress medium text (json actually) in mysql?

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How to compress medium text (json actually) in mysql?

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by elisha_langworth , 7 months ago


To compress medium text (JSON) in MySQL, you can make use of the built-in compression functions in MySQL. Here are the steps to achieve this:

  1. Create a column of type BLOB or LONGBLOB in MySQL to store the compressed data. For example, let's assume you have a table named myTable with a column named compressed_data of type LONGBLOB.
  2. Before inserting the JSON data into the table, compress it using the COMPRESS function in MySQL. This function takes a string as input and returns a compressed binary string. Here's an example of compressing a JSON string: INSERT INTO myTable (compressed_data) VALUES (COMPRESS('{"key": "value"}')); In the above example, the JSON {"key": "value"} is compressed and stored in the compressed_data column.
  3. When retrieving the compressed JSON data, use the UNCOMPRESS function in MySQL to decompress the binary string back to its original JSON format. Here's an example: SELECT UNCOMPRESS(compressed_data) AS json_data FROM myTable; The UNCOMPRESS function will return the decompressed JSON string, which can be further processed or displayed.

By compressing the JSON data using MySQL's compression functions, you can reduce the storage space required and potentially improve performance when dealing with large amounts of JSON data.