How to clear the cache in Symfony?

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How to clear the cache in Symfony?

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by addison , 3 months ago


In Symfony, you can use the cache:clear command to clear the cache. This command is available in the Symfony console, which you can access by running the bin/console script from the root directory of your Symfony project.

Here's an example of how you can use the cache:clear command:

bin/console cache:clear

By default, this command will clear the cache for the current environment (e.g. dev, prod). You can also specify the environment explicitly by using the --env option:

bin/console cache:clear --env=prod

Alternatively, you can use the --no-warmup option to skip the cache warmup process, which can be useful if you want to clear the cache more quickly:

bin/console cache:clear --no-warmup

Note that the cache:clear command will only clear the cache for the application itself, and not for any additional cache layers that may be in use (e.g. a cache server like Memcached or Redis). If you want to clear those cache layers as well, you will need to use the appropriate tools or commands for those layers.