How to chunk() with a view in laravel?

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How to chunk() with a view in laravel?

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by scotty_walker , a month ago


In Laravel, you can use the chunk() method with a callback function to process a large number of records in chunks. This method can be particularly useful when working with a large dataset to prevent memory issues.

Here's an example of how to use the chunk() method with a view in Laravel:

use AppModelsUser;

Route::get('/users', function () {
    return User::chunk(100, function ($users) {
        return view('users', ['users' => $users]);

In this example, the User::chunk(100, function ($users) { ... }) method is used to retrieve the users in chunks of 100 records and pass them to the callback function. The callback function then returns a view called 'users' with the chunk of users passed as a parameter.

Make sure to replace User with the appropriate model class and adjust the chunk size (100 in this case) based on your specific requirements.

This approach allows you to process and render large datasets efficiently without loading all records into memory at once.