How to check oracle internal process?

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How to check oracle internal process?

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To check Oracle internal processes, you can use the following methods:

  1. Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM): OEM provides a graphical interface to monitor and manage Oracle database processes. You can use OEM to view and manage database instances, performance metrics, and processes.
  2. Oracle Dynamic Performance Views (V$ views): You can query the V$ views in Oracle to get information about internal processes, sessions, and activities. Some common V$ views to check internal processes include V$SESSION, V$PROCESS, V$LOCK, and V$SQL.
  3. Oracle Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface (EMCLI): You can use the EMCLI commands to manage and monitor Oracle database processes from the command line.
  4. Oracle Trace Files: You can check the Oracle trace files (alert log, listener log, and trace files) for error messages and information about internal processes.
  5. Oracle SQL Developer: You can use Oracle SQL Developer to run queries and view information about internal processes in Oracle.

By using these methods, you can monitor and manage Oracle internal processes to ensure smooth operation and performance of your Oracle database.