How to change login & register view in laravel?

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How to change login & register view in laravel?

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by edmond_brakus , 17 days ago


To change the login and register views in Laravel, you will need to modify the corresponding blade files located in the resources/views/auth directory. Here are the steps to customize the login and register views:

  1. Navigate to the resources/views/auth directory in your Laravel project.
  2. Open the login.blade.php file to customize the login view. You can modify the HTML and CSS code to change the layout, design, and content of the login form.
  3. Open the register.blade.php file to customize the register view. You can make changes to the HTML and CSS code to customize the registration form according to your requirements.
  4. You can also create custom stylesheets or scripts in the public/css or public/js directories and link them in the login.blade.php and register.blade.php files to further customize the views.
  5. Once you have made the necessary changes, save the files and refresh your browser to see the updated login and register views.

Note: It is recommended to make a backup of the original login and register views before making any changes to easily revert back if needed.