How to call to an static class and method with php?

by wilmer.lemke , in category: PHP General , 6 months ago

How to call to an static class and method with php?

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by rollin , 6 months ago


To call a static class and method in PHP, you can use the :: operator.

Here's an example of how to call a static class and method:

class MyClass {
    public static function myStaticMethod() {
        echo "Hello, World!";

MyClass::myStaticMethod(); // Output: Hello, World!

In the example above, MyClass is the static class, and myStaticMethod is the static method. To call the method, you use the :: operator followed by the class name and then the method name.

Make sure the static class and method are properly declared before calling them.

by ryan.murray , 6 months ago


Here's another example of calling a static method from a different class:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

class MathUtils { public static function add($num1, $num2) { return $num1 + $num2; } }

echo MathUtils::add(2, 3); // Output: 5

In this example, MathUtils is a static class with a static method called add. We call the add method by using the :: operator and passing in the required arguments.

Note: Static classes and methods can be accessed globally without the need to instantiate an object.