How to avoid caching null values in redis cache?

by haylee.mertz , in category: Third Party Scripts , 17 days ago

How to avoid caching null values in redis cache?

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by shyann , 17 days ago


To avoid caching null values in Redis cache, you can follow these best practices:

  1. Use conditional caching: Before caching a value in Redis, check if the value is null or empty. If it is, do not cache it and handle null value accordingly in your application logic.
  2. Use cache control flags: Set a flag or metadata along with the cached value to indicate whether the value is null or not. This way, you can check the flag before retrieving the cached value to avoid retrieving null values.
  3. Implement cache expiry policies: Set an expiry time for cached values in Redis so that they are automatically removed after a certain period. This will help avoid caching null values for a long time.
  4. Handle null values in application logic: Instead of caching null values directly, handle them in your application logic and do not cache them at all. This way, you can avoid polluting your Redis cache with unnecessary null values.
  5. Use a cache library or framework: If you are using a cache library or framework, check if it has built-in features to handle null values in a more efficient way. Some libraries provide options to automatically skip caching null values.