How to allow access to sub folders in laravel?


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How to allow access to sub folders in laravel?

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1 answer

by scotty_walker , 24 days ago


To allow access to subfolders in Laravel, you can include the subfolders in your routes/web.php file using the Route::prefix() method. Here is an example:

Route::prefix('admin')->group(function () {
    Route::get('/dashboard', 'AdminController@dashboard');
    Route::get('/users', 'AdminController@users');
    // Add more routes for subfolders here

In this example, any routes that start with /admin/ will be handled by the AdminController controller. You can add as many routes for subfolders as needed within the Route::prefix() group.

Additionally, make sure that the subfolders have the appropriate permissions set in your public directory to ensure that they can be accessed by users. This can be done using file permissions or .htaccess rules depending on your server configuration.

By organizing your routes in this way, you can easily allow access to subfolders in your Laravel application while keeping your code organized and maintainable.