How to allow a "/" character after base url in symfony?


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How to allow a "/" character after base url in symfony?

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by elisha_langworth , 6 months ago


To allow a "/" character after the base URL in Symfony, you need to configure your routing file appropriately.

  1. Open your Symfony project and locate the routing configuration file. It is usually located at config/routes.yaml or config/routes/*.yaml.
  2. In the routing configuration file, add a new route that matches the base URL with a trailing slash ("/").
# config/routes.yaml
    path: /{url}/
    controller: AppControllerYourController::yourAction

Replace YourController and yourAction with the appropriate controller and action method names for your application.

  1. Save the routing configuration file and clear the Symfony cache by running the following command:
php bin/console cache:clear

After following these steps, your Symfony application will allow a trailing slash ("/") to be added after the base URL.