How to add a default value for update in postgresql?

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How to add a default value for update in postgresql?

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by darion , a month ago


In PostgreSQL, you can add a default value for an update by using the DEFAULT keyword when specifying the value in an UPDATE statement.

Here's an example:

UPDATE your_table
SET column_name = DEFAULT
WHERE condition;

In this query, the DEFAULT keyword is used to set the column_name to its default value as defined in the column's definition. Make sure to replace your_table, column_name, and condition with your actual table name, column name, and update condition.

Alternatively, you can also set a default value for a column at the time of table creation using the DEFAULT keyword in the column definition. For example:

CREATE TABLE your_table (
   column_name data_type DEFAULT default_value,

This will set the default value for the column_name to default_value. If no value is explicitly provided for this column during an INSERT or UPDATE statement, the default_value will be used.