How does woocommerce handle subscription billing?

by raphael_tillman , in category: PHP CMS , 3 months ago

How does woocommerce handle subscription billing?

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by deron , 3 months ago


WooCommerce offers a subscription extension that allows businesses to handle subscription billing on their online store. With this extension, businesses can set up different subscription plans, such as monthly or yearly subscriptions, and customers can sign up for these plans to receive products or services on a recurring basis.

The subscription extension includes features to manage subscription billing, such as billing schedules, trial periods, automatic renewal, and proration for mid-cycle subscription changes. Businesses can also offer discounts, free trials, and sign-up fees for different subscription plans.

Customers can manage their own subscriptions through their account on the store, including changing their subscription plan, updating payment information, and cancelling their subscription. Businesses have control over managing and modifying subscriptions as needed.

Overall, WooCommerce handles subscription billing by providing businesses with the tools and features necessary to set up, manage, and automate recurring billing for subscription-based products and services.