How does command 'keys *' impact redis memory management?

by scotty_walker , in category: Third Party Scripts , 25 days ago

How does command 'keys *' impact redis memory management?

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by herminia_bruen , 24 days ago


The keys * command in Redis is used to fetch all the keys from the database. This command can be resource-intensive, especially on a large Redis database, as it has to scan the entire keyspace to fetch all the keys.

When you run the keys * command, Redis has to load all the keys into memory in order to return them to the user. This can have a significant impact on memory management, especially if the database is large and has a high number of keys. If the memory usage of the server is already high, running this command can potentially cause memory exhaustion and impact the performance of the server.

It is generally recommended to avoid using the keys * command in production environments, as it can be a costly operation in terms of memory and CPU usage. Instead, it is better to use more specific commands to fetch the keys that you need, or to implement a more efficient way of managing and accessing keys in Redis.